AfriFuture Research Bulletin

Afrifuture Research Bulletin, 1 (1), 2021.

Welcome! We are excited to share with you the inaugural issue of the AfriFuture Research Bulletin, which we are proud of having managed to produce under very challenging conditions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Bulletin, which is published quarterly, is under the auspices of the AfriFuture Research and Development Trust (AfriFuture). The AfriFuture Research Bulletin endeavours to offer a new and exciting platform where contributions that engage and interrogate the contemporary social, economic, and political questions in the Global South are invited. The Bulletin is a channel for disseminating nuanced, authoritative, and up-to-date research and opinions with articles being invited from any interested persons.  We hope you enjoy the Bulletin!

AfriFuture Research Bulletin, 1 (1), 2021

Covid-19: Exploring the situation of children in Zimbabwe’s high density urban areas by Agness Mutemaringa

Interrogating women’s contributions to economic sustainability and state responses in Africa: Nigeria’s Niger Delta area in focus by Emmanuel Osewe Akubor & Beatrice Amili Akubor    

Sustainability of urban agriculture as a poverty alleviation strategy in Zimbabwe: A case study of Harare by Irony Mazuruse

Guidance and counselling for child and community development in Zimbabwe: Schools in focus by Resina Banda

Rural livelihoods and theileriosis in Zimbabwe by Knobby Tomy        

Equity and justice for ethnic minorities: A case of Matabeleland (Zimbabwe) by Rabhelani Mguni

Politics, security and international relations: The contemporary challenges faced by the Global South by Nothando Petra Magwizi             

Zimbabwe political manoeuvrings and authoritarian consolidation during the COVID-19 pandemic: Reflections on the year 2020 by Clement Chipenda & Tom Tom